Are Rockstar Librarians The Phil Fish of Libraries?

You’ve been known to move. Perhaps you shake. You’re emerging. Just about there. So close. So soon. Or maybe you have thousands of followers on Twitter. Someone has dubbed you a rockstar. A library rockstar. Or, maybe you dubbed yourself a rockstar. It doesn’t matter. It’s been said. However, there aren’t really famous librarians. Instead, there is library famous. You are not a rockstar. You are the Phil Fish of libraries.

 “The correct answer is C: who the hell is Phil Fish? Phil is not famous the way we are used to think about celebrities. Despite being in a movie, a documentary about video games, the average, random passerby has no idea who he is. Nor do they know John Blow, and while they’ve probably heard of Minecraft, they probably don’t know who Notch is, same for Cliff Bleszinski, same for Ken Levine. The world at large does not know or care who makes video games…Phil is sub-culturally important, not culturally important.”

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