Operating Instructions, Anne Lamott

Operating InstructionsA friend gave us this book as we’re expecting our first baby. Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions was a joy to read. The memoir recounts her first year as a single mom, the highs and lows are described with honesty, humor, and heartache. While this book is about her and her son, Sam, it’s also about her friend, Pam, and how life doesn’t stop just because something good is happening to you.

I feel like this book works on three levels. It’s about being a new mother, but it’s also about faith and spiritually, as well as dealing with a friend’s cancer. God is central to Lamott’s life and that belief provides a place of strength and shelter.

The book is disarming and very funny. My wife and I read it aloud to each other over the past few months and it was wonderful to share. Thankfully, it’s not a parenting book. Instead, it’s a glimpse into parenting and the life of a single mom.

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