Online Scheduling with The Best Day

No one wants a flurry of emails about where and when to meet. And, good old Outlook meeting requests? They thrive in an environment where everyone uses Outlook. In higher education, where there’s a range of devices and calendars in use, meeting requests may not work.

One solution has been to use Doodle, an online scheduling site to send out potential meeting times. However, the aesthetic of Doodle and functionality may leave some users wanting more.

An alternative to Doodle, called The Best Day, works in a similar fashion, but allows invitees to vote on the where to meet, as well as when. Additionally, one is not stuck with just those two options. The meeting organizer can add more points for invitees to vote on. For instance, one could vote on agenda points, or anything else. The example used on the site is going out for drinks before meeting up for dinner.

The look of The Best Day is grounded in a 2014 aesthetic: porthole user images, page-width header images, responsive design, and large font.

Once time and place have been voted on, the meeting organizer clicks to lock-in where and when. Then an iCalendar datafile is ready for download.

In terms of functionality, there are more clicks involved in setting up and managing the meeting than Doodle. However, the other polling options and overall design of the site make up for that. They also have an iPhone app that allows you to schedule on the go.

If you’ve used The Best Day, what’s been your experience? Or, is there a scheduling app you prefer?

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