The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man by Marshall McLuhan

The Gutenberg GalaxyMarshall McLuhan’s book guided me back to the path of media studies, which I hadn’t even realized I’d been on. Between his book and The Information, I went back to my Information Sciences degree and in particular, a course called, Information Theory. It was like something triggered and I remembered why we were housed in the School of Communication. Anyways, The Gutenberg Galaxy is an intriguing mosaic of the effects of the printing press and language. At times, the book moves from point to point with little connection. McLuhan seems to be in a conversation with himself and it’s the job of the reader to keep up.

My lasting impression of this book is that there are ideas of value here, but they aren’t always communicated well, or they are stuck between sections full of obscure references which drag the reader down.

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