Share Your Library’s Success Story

Two weeks ago, I visited Rollins College for a meeting and, during a campus tour, we stopped by the library. It felt as if I stepped into the living room of campus or a cleaner version of a common room from Harry Potter. You can check out a photo here. Students filled the space. A low wall of reference books and games curved around the sitting area, separating it from a coffee shop. Laptops were open. Chairs were pulled together. Students were awake and engaged. It was an example of a library that thoughtfully planned their design around student use.

That’s one example of a library success story, but what I really want is to hear your library’s success story. You can share it below, or if you wish email me at with text and images or share a Google Doc, and I’ll add your own guest-written post to the site. It can be anything from a change in process to a photo of a great space. Regardless, what’s one thing your library is doing that you wish other people knew about?

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