Review: MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood

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maddaddamI have put on the red hat. I have eaten the fish. I have listened to the shiny thing. Now I will tell of Atwood’s book. Now I will tell of MaddAddam. The novel is the final one of the series. A novel is a work of fiction. It is a book. A book of stories. This story is about Zeb, Snowman, Toby, and the Children of Crake. This story is science fiction. Science fiction is not important anymore, since after the waterless flood Science no longer exists. Science was part of the chaos when people used Science to try make order out of the chaos. Science was a friend of Crake’s and with the help of Science he created you, the Children of Crake.

Atwood wrote these stories. They are very good. Yes, you should read them. Yes, good, kind Crake and good, kind Atwood. Thank you for writing these stories. You don’t need to sing. You don’t need to comment. Not everyone will enjoy these stories, but that’s OK. I don’t know why. Sometimes, people like different things. Please do not sing. I have a headache. Thank you. Yes, that is very nice. The story of MaddAddam is mostly the story of Zeb. Many things happen in Zeb’s past. The past is what happened yesterday and the day before. Yes, we all have pasts.

While the story continues from The Year of the Flood, not that much happens right away. Toby, the Crakers, the God’s Gardeners and MaddAddamites regroup, that means get together, and prepare for Pigoons and the painballers. Yes, the bad men. The bad men of the chaos. At the end of the story, some parts feel forced, especially with Zeb. To force is to make something fit that is too large. To force is to eat too much when there is no more room in your belly. Overall though, the story leaves you satisfied. That would be like the right amount of food, so you are not hungry, but do not feel bad. Yes, that is a good feeling. No, I will not tell you more. It’s time for sleep. Yes, you should read the book. Now I will take off the red hat. Now I will say good night.

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