Backup Your Photos with Flickr


It’s summer time. Vacation time. Time to snap photos of friends and family. In order to preserve your photos, you may want to look toward Flickr as another place to store images so they don’t get lost. In a move that makes Google Drive look tightfisted, Flickr now offers users 1 terabyte of storage for free. According to David Pogue, “That’s enough room for about 600,000 typical photos, enough to last you the next couple of birthday parties, at least.”

Even if you don’t plan to share photos through Flickr, it’s still a good idea to save your photos in multiple places. Think of it as your own personal LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) program.

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  1. Flickr puts up a lot of a lot of metadata with each photo, including geolocation when the camera provides it, which is basically good, but people should be aware of the implications. There are privacy settings for people who don’t want anybody tracking exactly where their camera has been.

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