Digital Humanities LibGuide

The semester is rapidly coming a close at Hampshire College!

Yesterday, Intro to DH published its final project, a Digital Humanities LibGuide that the class collaboratively created during the the last month.

LibGuides have long been tools for librarians to communicate to users about the types of resources available to them on a particular topic through use of a friendly web tool. Increasingly, I’ve been thinking about how to use LibGuides to engage our users directly by partnering with faculty to create LibGuides collaboratively and now, inviting students to create one in the context of a class. Happily, I am not alone in using LibGuides as an outreach tool. Mr. Library Dude recently blogged about how he charged students with creating a LibGuide as an assignment for an information class this spring. Empowering students with a project where they have to locate, evaluate, and curate information about a particular topic is a n all-around win. And after a semester where we worked to build our understanding of what digital humanities is, it was fun to turn the tables on the students to come up with a framework themselves that we then published yesterday afternoon.

How are other librarians and technologists using LibGuides in their classrooms?


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