The Chronicle & Edwin Mellen Press

I just wanted to bring a couple of developments to your attention. The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article last week “Herbert Richardson v. the World,” which lays out the lawsuit from Dr. Richardson’s perspective and incorporates reporting from others involved in the legal actions. In a follow up to the article, The Chronicle of Higher Education published a letter from Dr. Richardson “A Quest to Bring Bloggers ‘Within the Framework of Law’.” Also, if you have questions, Dr. Richardson is responding to comments on both links.

For those interested in what protections bloggers have in regard to people commenting on the their blogs and posting content, please read about section 230 protections in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’ Legal Guide for Bloggers. It’s a wonderful resource and, if you have blog, I recommend reading it. It is worth noting that these protections are specific to the United States and will not cover bloggers who reside elsewhere.

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