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Here’s a link to a post “Risk Being Awesome,” that I wrote for Collegiate Collaborations. We talk about collaboration and doing cool projects, but what are the barriers stopping us? And, are those barriers real or perceived? Don’t wait for the opportunity to come along. Bring your awesome and do something.

Some places to start are:

Other services also include:

For me, a successful collaboration requires trust, communication, and respect. Are these things that can be developed online or does one need to cultivate them in person? If you’ve had a collaboration that started online, please share experience below.

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  1. Just heard Anne’s presentation at the SoTL Symposium in Savannah, GA, and was immediately inspired to join this group. I’ve been working for the past 5 or 6 years with AASCU’s Global Engagement Initiative, a collaboration of about a dozen scholars from various disciplines at a dozen different institutions around the country. We collaborate to produce global issues teaching and learning materials (a national hybrid learning course, an e-book, an instructors manual, and other resources). I’m working with a non-profit organization called Soliya this semester to connect students from around the world via videoconferencing to increase understanding between the West and the Muslim World. But I want to do more! I can imagine inter-institutional collaborations among members of the Georgia Collegiate Honors Concil, the University System of Georgia, and the Council for Public Liberal Arts colleges (COPLAC). I look forward to continued inspiration and ideas!

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