End of the Semester and Vacation

It’s the time of year when students rush to finish projects, people battle colds and long lines in stores, and travel plans float out in the not so distant future.  That sentence also describes my past few weeks.  The semester is wrapping up and I missed my last fiction workshop due to illness.  Adding to the list, I missed my interview for graduate school, a fiction reading, and some work.  What I really missed though was time.  Tuesday at 6 a.m. I fly back to Traverse City for vacation.  There were a ton of things I meant to do, but they didn’t happen.  Things I did manage to accomplish, in order from large to small, are: buy a car, learn how to poach an egg, buy some Christmas presents online, edit some work, eat ice cream sandwiches, and drink ginger ale.  I’m most proud of poaching an egg.

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