Review: Wild At Heart – Barry Gifford

Wild at Heart by Barry Gifford is a slim novel that revels in dialogue.  At times, it’s hard to read because everything is spoken in a trashy Southern colloquial way.  The scenes are broken out with their own titles, and some of them could almost stand on their own.  It took me a little while to get into, to become familiar with the language, and the style, but once I did, I really enjoyed the book.

The story follows two young lovers who go on the run across the South.  Sailor Ripley has just gotten out of prison for manslaughter, and Lula Pace Fortune has hooked  up with him again against her mother’s wishes.  What follows is a meandering road trip as the two try to evade the law and their own instincts.  Sailor and Lula will jump off the page and leave you gasping to catch up.

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