True North by Jim Harrison – Initial Thoughts

I’ll write a more in depth post after finishing the novel.  There’s only 100 pages to go, and I can blame my inability to sleep last night as the reason why I continued to read this book.
True North is the first Jim Harrison novel that I’ve read, and so far it’s a disappointment.  It is mired in predictability and dullness.  The narrator, David Burkett, is self absorbed, but not in an interesting way.  He reminds me slightly of Chris McCandless from Into the Wild, but without any strength to live his life, or pursue his passions.  Instead, he blandly pushes through the pages, whining about his family history, fishing, and having sex every thirty to forty pages.  I’ll finish the book, but can’t see it ending well.  Perhaps, this was a horrible book to use as an introduction to Harrison’s work.

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