Schedules for Writing and Life

I like to imagine that I’m pretty flexible and spontaneous.  However, sometimes being on a schedule works well for me.  My plan is to start writing more, or to rephrase that to work on the Donnie and Sam novel, no title yet.  To do that though or to do it well, I need to start treating it like a job or like coursework.  That’s a bit of a shift, because writing has always been fun for me, and I don’t think of work or coursework as always being fun.  I’ve been thinking of having some major workdays on the weekend, and then waking up early mornings before work and writing for two hours each morning.  Ambitious, but if I want to write a novel, necessary.  Right?
The other schedule is getting back to the gym.  I’ve traveled most of September and after the MS 150 really haven’t done much active.  Especially compared to my pre-race levels.  Add into that commuting on my bike and the awful weather we’ve been having in St. Louis, it’s been hard to make it back.  That all ends this weekend though.  Tomorrow will be the first day back to the gym, and then also see about beginning to lay out the book.  Hopefully, after a couple of weeks I can find something that works well, and doesn’t drive me or my friends crazy.

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