In Reference to Your Recent Communications by Tessa Brown

Just read this short fiction piece, and really enjoyed it. What I like about flash fiction is that it’s almost like a puzzle and messes with the reader’s perceptions. This piece is about a breakup and the narrator is responding to the voice-mails her (ex)boyfriend has left on her phone.
At first, the reader is against him, just sort of naturally siding with the narrator because she seems like the victim; and because what she says seems so rational and sane, though anyone who actually sat down and wrote to this degree of detail wouldn’t be sane. That’s the first give away, but, I for one, was willing to overlook that.
As the five to six page story develops, we realize things are not as they seem, and the soon to be ex-boyfriend is really the victim. More and more comes out about the narrator and our perception changes.
Overall, this was an incredibly funny piece of writing. Things are twisted and the boundary between believable and over-the-top is flirted with.

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